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Allow me to borrow the tag of Conrado de Quiros review of the movie “An Inconvenient Truth”, be scared.. be very scared!


Yes, I am talking about a powerful and must-see production about one of the day’s most important issues, global warming. The documentary about the environment was spearheaded by former US Vice President Al Gore. Am stranger to US politics and Al Gore, though am aware that he was narrowly beaten by George Bush. After I watched the movie, I thought the guy could have been a better President.
the inconvenient truth of global warming
The movie is exclusively shown at SM Cinema until January 2007. The right to exhibit the movie was pursued to promote environmental preservation and add value to our efforts to preserve the environment, even though the return on investment is not expected. This is CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in action.

The flick explains global warming and the havoc it will bring to the world– environmental imbalance, simple viruses mutating into something complicated and may be incurable, states and cities will be wiped out because of flooding. Some are already happening and if nations, corporations and individuals will not work together, the worse will become inevitable.

Furthermore, the movie is a call for us to fix a fixable problem, to bring CO2 levels back down to where they were pre-1970’s. The movie also promotes corporate social responsibility, though, that may not be the purpose because it focused on how the US should comply with the Kyoto agreement.

PSR (Personal Social Responsibility) is also encouraged as the movie gave practical tips how an individual can contribute in delaying, if not reversing, global warming. Each one can do something about it.

Check and visit an SM Cinema near you and watch the film.

If you happen to be with the academe and contemplating to organize your students to watch the movie, or if you head an organization who may want your members to review the movie. Please check with SM Cinema management near you how you can view the movie for free. They may also be of assistance if you decide to organize your students and/or group to watch the movie at a given schedule.

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