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Zuckerberg’s Poor Password and LinkedIn ‘s Security Breach


Early this morning, we were greeted by the news of Mark Zuckerberg’s hacked accounts. This could be just another hacking news until my buddy Clinton Garcia, pointed out in his comment about the poor password.


Reused Password


Apparently, according to this news report, another possible reason aside from the poor password,  is the 2012 LinkedIn hack. If reports are to be believed, 167M accounts were compromised. Security experts assumed Zuckerberg did not only use a poor password, but he also used the same password in his other accounts.

With LinkedIn being mentioned in the news, I remember  below email w/c I almost ignored.

Notice of LinkedIn Data Breach


What You Can Do

It is wise to immediately do the following:

  • Change your LinkedIn password; use a combination of special character, upper/lowercase. letters and numbers
  • Use the two step verification
  • Use a different password for your other accounts


If you are an info sec specialist, feel free to share more tips.



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