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In search for a blog that shares my niche, I happen to visit ririanproject and found it interesting. Though Ririan is still in the university, his blog can relate to entrepreneurs and white collar professionals.Take for example his post on 10 Commandments For A Simpler Life, it cut across professional bloggers, management professionals as well as entrepreneurs. Read and let me know if his suggestions are practical and/or workable.

I. You shall find work that is fun.

Nothing complicates your life more than forcing yourself to go to work every morning when your heart tells you that you should be doing something else.

II. You shall laugh on a daily basis.

Laughter is very powerful medicine. It can lower stress, dissolve anger and unite families in their resolve to overcome troubled times.

III. You shall sell the box sitting in your living room.

Although it has the power to do good, television is eating up your free time.

IV. You shall break your addiction to the news and go on a “news fast.”

News is predominantly negative. And one of the universal laws of the mind says that “as you sow, so shall you reap.”

V. You shall get in the habit of taking daily “silence breaks.”

Slow down. Silence is golden. In this crazy age we live in, the average person doesn’t spend even an hour a month in silence.

VI. You shall clean up your act.

We all collect “stuff” along the way – it is inevitable. So try spending some of your time going through a closet, a shelf, a drawer, and getting rid of anything you don’t need or cherish.

VII. You shall turn off your technology.

Are you feeling the stresses and strains of modern life? Turn off your cell phone in the evening, answer email once a day instead of constantly throughout the day, or put down your laptop computer for an afternoon.

VIII. You shall be spontaneous.

Routine is good to a certain extent, but sometimes you just need to break free and do something different.

IX. You shall set a bedtime and stick to it.

Chronic lack of rest affects every aspect of life, from the amount of energy you have to your performance at work or in school.

X. You shall learn what is “enough.”

It is about determining what is enough in your life, so you can do more with less. Keep that in mind.

Life becomes complicated because our attention is pulled to several directions– Relationships, business or career, studies, and even blogs!

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