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I received a message and then a call from Globe informing me that my advocacy blog, Watcha Webtrap! , is on the top 5, thus,  one of the finalists of the “1st ever Globe T@tt Awards- Making Greatness In Social Media”. More surprising is the category where I was nominated, “Tech Junkie”,  personally, I never thought my blog is a “tech” one, ha ha.
Though this blog is not new to awards, I am thankful for and to the following:

  • The person who nominated me- [pakilala ka naman, so I can treat you a cup of coffee] thank you for believing in our cause
  • The judges- thank you for finding value in our advocacy.
  • Those who voted-   despite your reservation on the Facebook app requesting access to your account [an “issue” apparently to my circle], you still cast your vote.
  • Globe T@ttoo- such project highlights the strength of social web in advancing a cause and influencing people.


But  all glory is reserved to HIM, the favor he bestowed  that resulted to being a finalist, the idea behind the blog and the roadshow is His, the encouragement to continue and the strength to pursue what lies ahead is His.
No, this is not a thank you speech, and I am not writing this to campaign and increase my votes neither. But  this post is intended for  friends who wanted us to make a big push to get more votes.
Not that I do not want to win, hey, nobody wants to lose. But these are my thoughts on your suggestion:

  • I believe that by being one of the finalists is already an achievement. Specially that I am lined up with the heavy weights in the local cyber community
  • This is not a competition, but a recognition. People should vote for the finalist not because the finalist tells them to, but because they believe that the work is something that needs recognition [suppose to be not a popularity contest]. Hard selling is not my cup of tea.
  • The blog in focus is not new to nomination and award,  so winning or losing will not change the focus and the projects lined up.
  • Some friends have trust issues on the Facebook app, I have to respect that.

With that, let’s just celebrate the occasion and strive  for “greatness” in the digital footprints we create.
Congratulations to Globe T@ttoo for this initiative,  the council for the hardwork and the finalists who are all winners.

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