Why you should be Wary of Apps?

Before giving apps the permission to access information in your smartphone, be mindful of likely consequences when your personal data is collected and used.

A Case of Abusive Bloggers

A blogger friend referred me to an FB discussion about an alleged abusive and shameless blogger, I thought “what’s new?” Same old story, but different players– “Bloggers allegedly gate crashing on events, demanding for tokens, hauling...

Blogging, Free Speech and Online Libel

Depending on your personal bias, (online) libel can be viewed as either curtailing your right to free speech and expression; or protecting you from abusive expression or speech by others

Blogging is On The Rise Again

With the renewed interest to blogging, it is ideal for seasoned bloggers to collaborate with new generation of bloggers to re-visit the value adding uses of blogs, to benefit not only the community but the blogger too.

Blog As Platform For Advocacy

Blogs are good platform to push for the advocacy we support. Blogs serve as the main source of content, social media serves as channel for promotion.

Blogging and Advocacy Talk

Blogs are good platform to push for advocacy, thus, I talked I shared my experience and gave tips on how to go about advocacy blogging

Blogging 102: Why People Blog

Learn how to position your brand. Here’s the 2nd part of my interview with RHTV, re: blogging 101. Start a blog and add value

Video Blogging

No I am not into acting or short movie productions, but I’m video blogging my keynote presentation, events I hosted, and press briefs I attended.

Integrity and blogging

Because blogging has become a source of influence in politics and biz, we have to be responsible because our actions will have an effect to the community.