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At the start of every new year, my Bible reading begins with the book of Genesis. And though, I have heard and read these stories several times, I always find new thoughts to ponder.

Take for example the creation of man and woman. The story tells us that God finds it improper for man to be alone, so God put man into deep sleep and took one of his ribs to make woman. “Figuratively” speaking, Adam lost one rib and the presence of Eve (representing his rib) made him “complete”.

Though we can derive several lessons here, please allow me to share what I learn in simple math:

  1. Man – Woman = incomplete
  2. Man + Woman = complete
  3. Where being incomplete (in math) = fraction; and complete (in math) = whole (numbers) or integers
  4. Interestingly, integer is the root word of integrity

While we can take this to mean that a woman make man in many ways “complete”, I would like to focus on the influence of a woman to a man’s character and behaviour. A woman, whether we acknowledge it or not, are the most influential person in men’s life. Whether the woman is his mother, wife or daughter.
I thought these applications will make the lesson relevant:

  1. As a man in pursuit of a wife
    • beauty is good, beauty and brain is better.
    • recognising the power and influence of a woman, use the head (with brain) more often than the one behind your pants. Better to be safe than sorry.
    • before settling down, ask yourself what value the woman can add to your life, i.e. behind the rise and fall of a man is a woman.
    • consider also, what value your woman can create to your future children.
    • and to be able to win the best woman around, you should also strive to be the best man you can be.
    • and to get the best out of the woman’s influence, treat your woman as an equal partner. Be responsible and do your share in parenting and fulfil your role as a husband.
  2. As a woman
    • use your power and influence responsibly.
    • recognise there is more to figure and beauty.
    • while one may succeed in attracting most men, a woman can only influence the man who loves her.


There could be more, please add value by sharing your thoughts.
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