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Do you want to know how I manage stress?

These are the random things I do, not in order of importance.

  1. When at work, I leave my office and walk around.
  2. When at home, I’ll go out and check the car
  3. Blog hop.
  4. Read my bible and/or pray.
  5. Have coffee or eat.
  6. Listen to a christian music
  7. Play with my phone
  8. Take photos using my phone
  9. Stretch.
  10. Read past emails.
  11. Watch my favorite series on DVD like Chuck, Prison Break.
  12. Look at the old pictures of wifey and myself, and kids.
  13. Call a former office mate.
  14. Sweat out in a thread mill or Sauna
  15. Hmmm will add to the list as I find other activities helpful


What about you? How do you manage your stress?



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