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Different authors suggest different ways of stress management, but for purposes of this blog, let’s look at how Jesus manage stress.


Whether student or professional, single or in a relationship, parents or not, “stress” is a regular part of our daily life. Though some causes (of stress) are unavoidable, there are also unnecessary stress brought about by either stupidity or foolishness.


How do we handle stress?

You may refer to these verses for reference. Mark 1:35-38


Jesus is a busy man carrying out his mission. In one instance after John (the baptist) was put behind bars, Jesus made a big push in advancing the kingdom of God, preaching the gospel from place to place, healing the sick, performing miracles and casting out demons. In one instance, after a day’s work and when they are suppose to take a rest at the house of Peter’s mother-in-law, the whole town gathered in their place, so instead of resting Jesus continued teaching and healing people. What happened next is a great illustration on how to handle stress brought by overwork, tight schedule, the pressure to give in to people’s demands and temptation to yield to the carnal desire to be popular. Now, how did Jesus manage stress?

  • Go to a quiet place “alone” (verse 35)

Jesus, barely having enough rest after a full day’s work went to a quiet place alone. People cause stress, situation cause stress and sometimes, the place (where we work) also cause stress. We need the space and the right environment to decompress.

  • Unload your emotions (verse 35)

Unload your emotions to the one who understands you, without the fear of being betrayed. We can do this by talking to our Creator in prayer, listen to Him by taking time to reflect on his Word. This way we are refreshed and fully charged and focused to the goal.

  • Take control of your life (verse 36-38)

If you’ll take note of Jesus reply when Peter found him and pressured him by saying “the people are looking for you”, ergo, they want you to meet their needs. Jesus answered ” we should go to the other towns so I can preach there too. That is the reason I came”.

Jesus did not allow the needs of other people to dictate his life, Jesus did not allow the temptations of popularity to divert his attention. Instead he asserts control over his future by moving towards the completion of his goal.


This principle was taken from the offering teaching of Dr. David Sumrall for the 10:00 AM service at Cathedral Of Praise, Manila, Philippines on February 3, 2008
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