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Sir Sonnie, do you still rely on mainstream media for news and information, or have they lost their value?

balanced news? Not with partisan journalists
In the woke era. openly disclosing a political stance is cool. Taking a stand, according to proponents, makes you non-complicit to wrongdoings. However, some people will associate your choice with your core values.
With these. some journalists or the professionals behind news media have also openly or discretely disclosed their political positions. This is where things get tricky.

Let me explain

Taking a stand has the natural consequence of being canceled or canceling others out– people and the information we consume.
Generally, people (including journalists and v/bloggers) can or will interpret current events according to their political lenses. When this happens, the news is reduced to an opinion piece to validate or nurture the narrative of a specific political group. This is where the weaponization of the media can happen.

Do I still consume news?

And to answer your question, yes, I still consume news and information from mainstream media, including the biased ones.
However, before I check on the opinion pieces of partisan publications, I read those who report the news without slant, or at least those who are not obviously biased. This aids in gaining a broader understanding of specific topics. This is the best way to weigh the facts, be a critical thinker, and have an informed choice and personal stand.
In my opinion, when journalists openly declare their political leanings, they risk losing their credibility as fair and impartial professionals. However, objective reporting is still possible.

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