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In the world we live in, the value placed in a brand (product, service or experience) is dependent on perceived image. Halimbawa,

  • If you want a cell phone that will not immediately devalue because of a new model, will you go for a non iPhone model?
  • If you’re looking for a car that maintains it’s prestige, will you go for Honda or Toyota?
  • If you wan’t to dine to an affordable Japanese restaurant, will you go for Tokyo Tokyo or Tokyo Cafe?
  • If you want to be associated with an upscale market , will you hang around Harrison Plaza or Ayala Malls?
  • If you want to go bargain hunting, will you shop at Hong kong or Singapore?

In the same token, the value placed on our brand is dependent on how we “package” ourselves. This is the reason why some people get better salary compare to others of the same job. Or as a nation or race, we either receive preferential treatment or slur, like the one made at Desperate Housewives. The kind of treatment we receive from people, groups, companies or nations is proportionate to the way we ” brand” ourselves.

Depending on the bias of the person evaluating you, your worth may vary depending on your economic status, educational attainment, the university you graduated, experiences in life, affiliation, employment history, businesses, color of your skin, physical appeal and countenance.

So when someone Google your name, what impressions will it generate to the searcher? If one will request for your employment or school records, what impressions will it give to the end user?

With the racial slur against Philippine Medical Schools by Desperate Housewives, do you think it is the fault of Tery Hatcher or the script writer?

It all boils down to the image or the Filipino brand we created, this is what “branding” is all about.

Update: The producers of desperate housewives apologized, and so many things have happened since this incident. The Filipino brand now includes the booming BPM and Shared Services industry in the Philippines. Manny Pacquiao’s accomplishment in boxing, Leah Salonga’s role in Miss Saigon, Pia Wurtzbach winning the Miss Universe, El Gamma Penumbra on winning Asia’s Got Talent.

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