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I thought of blogging the teaching we learned this morning from church. This, I believe will help readers manage their debts the Bible way.

Rom 13:8a — “Pay everything you owe..”

From the quoted scripture, it implies that at certain point, we can have debts. Thus, to use a credit card or to avail of loan is not bad. However, non payment of debts is an offense not only to people or the gov’t., but to God as well.

With these on mind, how do we manage our debt?

      • Have a detailed list of your debt
      • Shut down spending. Buy only what is necessary.
      • Study your expenses
        • Kill the little foxes that destroys the vineyard
        • Songs of Solomon 2:15– “..Catch the little foxes. They destroy the vineyards..”
        • Too often, we sacrifice on the big expenses, but what depletes our budget are the “little foxes” or little expenses on regular basis.
        • A good example is daily visit to “starbucks”. 2 starbuckses a day is worth P200. Per week is P1,400. Per month is P5,600. Per year is P67,100. Just imagine if the expense here is converted to savings?
      • Increase your income– look at what you have and what you can do, recognize but do not magnify your need.
      • Pay your debts on time. If already in trouble, negotiate with your debtor for payment terms.

This is the summary of Dr. David Sumrall’s teaching at Cathedral Of Praise– Manila

You may listen to the complete teaching here

photo taken inside Cathedral Of Praise during Worship.


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