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A blogger friend referred me to an FB discussion about an alleged abusive and shameless blogger, I thought “what’s new?”

Same old story, but different players–

Bloggers allegedly gate crashing on events, demanding for tokens, hauling food, soliciting money or items in exchange for reviews, sponsoring their way to an award”
This story is as old as blogging, err, maybe it began when agencies began to tap bloggers for marketing campaigns of their clients.
Several thoughts are screaming in my mind, though I’m supposed to focus on ASEAN 50 celebration, I can’t help it.
  • This is obviously a behavioral and/or ethical issue, me thinks, what is unacceptable to many may not be the case for all. The resulting behavior may also depend on context or situation of the blogger and sources of income.
  • Likewise, a behavior that is outside the realm of normal can be triggered by an experience in the past. In case of the alleged shameless blogger (s), were they taken advantaged of in the past by a middle man or an agency?
  • Who are responsible for inviting bloggers, and who are the gatekeepers, middle man or agencies? And what is more important in an event or campaign, quality or quantity?
  • And finally, since this is a recurring problem, I’m wondering if something was done already to reduce recurrence and avoid judging a person?
Your thoughts.


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