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“Social good”, in a traditional framework is defined as a good or service that benefits the largest number of people on the largest possible way-¬†investopedia. It has since taken a new framework, thanks to¬†Mashable for the “social good summit” they started 5 years. It has now become an annual meet-up in ¬†120 countries.

Furthermore, the social good summit gave birth to PH +socialgood, a movement to unite a global community of innovators around a shared vision: Leveraging the power of technology and new media to make the world a better place.

I attended the PH +SocialGood Summit earlier ¬†held at the Asian Institute of Management, organized by Rappler. This year, the organizer believed the theme should be to “take action” since last year’s edition is about “inspiration”


PH +SocialGood Summit


Though the ¬†term “social good” has not caught media attention then, we are doing our part by advocating social computing for social good . We reached-out to parents first and taught them how to ¬†keep kids safe online. It has since evolved to include responsible social computing, data privacy and bullying/cyber bullying prevention.


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