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A Specialized Recruitment Activity (SRA) is just one of the ways to maximize sourcing of applicants. It functions exactly like a usual Jobs Fair except that instead of being initiated by the government, SRAs are initiated by a single company. This means that instead of sharing the floor with other companies, ABC-XYZ Company can have the whole floor – and flock of applicants – to himself.

Organizing and conducting a Specialized Recruitment Activity need to be coordinated with the LGU’s Public Employment Services Office (PESO). PESO is an agency under the Local Government Units that provide services related to employment and the job market. PESO requires a letter of intention from the company who plans to conduct an SRA, specifying the date, venue and vacant positions with definite number of vacant slots available. Furthermore, PESO’s role does not end with simple notifications. PESO would also help in advertising the event by displaying the company’s posters or tarpaulins. PESO also keeps a directory of previous job applicants that the company can use for spreading the word through a text blast. If one is lucky, PESO might even provide a venue for free.

One good thing about a Specialized Recruitment Activity is that it is a company-initiated event. This means that the company can choose to have whatever activity (related to recruitment) it wants during the whole conduct of the event. The company may choose to have a short opening program at first, or it may choose to go straight to sourcing. The company may choose to just receive resumés only, or go through the whole process up until hiring applicants on the spot. It really depends on the company’s discretion.

Here are some tips if your company is planning to have one.

  • Comply with the requirements of PESO. Notifying does not only help them with their targets and stats. Notifying them actually gathers all the help that the company needs, especially in gathering up a good number of applicants to attend your event. Repay their help by submitting the log sheet.
  • Plan your event well. Identify the specific tasks that need to be taken for a successful SRA. These tasks may include facilities management, advertisements, physical forms that need to be produced, a program of activities, communications, and the like.
  • Organize your team. An effective SRA is not a one-man show. Delegate and make people accountable for each of the tasks.
  • Identify a strategic location. Specialized Recruitment Activities are good in localizing employment. To maximize this potential, it is important to choose a strategic location where applicants across surrounding cities and municipalities would find easier access towards the venue. Identify your center and your target radius. Visit each of their PESO offices.
  • Advertise, and advertise well. Make sure that people know about your event. Maximize the media. Use tarps. Use those directories from PESO offices. EXTRACT ALL POSSIBLE WAYS to get as much applicants as you can. Remember, it is better to have fifty applicants above your target than to have fifty less.
  • Use feedback mechanism in your advertisements. It should always be considered that the company’s money will be used to fund the event. It is therefore very important to make sure and know that there will be enough people to attend the SRA. So do not forget that line, “Please confirm your attendance by sending us your text or email to the following: 09********* or”. Otherwise, it might be better not to pursue if the level of feedback is very low.
  • Ensure that the venue is conducive for a Specialized Recruitment Activity. Make sure that the venue has all the facilities or at least capable of powering up all the facilities that you need. The venue should also have ample space for tables, chairs, and reception or waiting areas. Comfort is also very important, especially if you plan on giving pre-employment exams and interview afterwards.
  • Make sure to make the venue very prominent among its surroundings. Most applicants will be looking for your signage or streamer on D-Day. Make sure to have it displayed in the most visible way possible.
  • Arrive at the venue ahead of time. Make sure that everything is set before the applicants arrive. You would not have the time fixing your hair when applicants start to flock in. You would also look pitiful dragging those tables to the center of the hall in your business attire and in front of the waiting applicants.


Have you organized a specialized recruitment activity in the past? Care to share your experience.
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