When Values Integration Fail

An end-to-end value integration program equips a company to culturally, structurally, and administratively prevent behavioral misconduct

D0 209 CAMP Questions Answered

DO 209 CAMP outlines how the Gov’t will help employees who were affected by the measures to contain COVID-19 in the Philippines

Is your Job a Calling?

When a person described his job as calling, a positive attitude towards work and the company should match the claim

War on ASEAN Talents

A few more years ASEAN will open more job opportunities to local talents and professionals when its economies are integrated. Are you ready?

Work 4.0: HR Trends In 2019

Depending on how HR responds to the challenges of modern work, s/he can be busy firefighting or laying the foundation for work 4.0

My Thoughts On JobStreets’ “Generational Benefits” Survey

Generational Benefits according to JobStreet   My analysis:   Generational benefits that are similar across generation: All wanted a birthday leave and health insurance “Given the stress that professionals face daily at work and in traffic, and health...

How to Conduct Behavioral Interview

Sigmund Freud’s theory is the core foundation of pre-employment interview. Past behavior is the best way indicator to predict tendencies.