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Hate is the root cause of all forms of bullying.

A person will not make a ‘sustained effort‘ to make fun, shame, create memes, spread lies, or instigate a mob against another human being unless s/he hate that person.
hate is the root cause of bullying
What distinguishes a non-libelous protected speech from hate speech is the repeated aggression towards the same person.  Rarely will a person find time to create memes, videos, social cards, or opinion pieces unless there is a presence of hate. Even if one is paid to do a hack job, that person will have a hard time doing it unless they share the same hatred.
As an advocate of bullying mitigation, I cannot help but notice how mainstream media are “now” brazenly biased for or against a political figure.
A broadcast media criticized the Robredo siblings for sharing their happiness on social media during their recent US trip to attend the graduation of the youngest Robredo. To me, this is no longer news.
It’s a given if the elder (Leni) Robredo is at the receiving end of criticism, the same way with Bong Bong Marcos since they are considered principal political figures. However, extending the harassment to the children or their children’s children, whether a Marcos, a Robredo, Duterte, or an Aquino who are ‘private citizens’, because of hatred to their parents is something that we Filipinos need to reflect on, and ask ourselves if this is still within Filipino core values.
IF the younger generation ‘is not’ involved in the sins of their ancestors, I guess giving them the space to live quietly and privately, if they chose to, is not too much to give.
Your thoughts?

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