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Yes, it’s not an illusion, this was PH standing before the 2nd world war, albeit, as a colony of the US


This video is a must-see for all Filipinos. Especially those, like me, who have no recollection of the Philippines in its glory days in the past. Citizens of other countries, like Henry Sy Sr,  at present one of the wealthiest man in the world, migrated to the Philippines then in search for a better future. He built his business empire after the 2nd world war.
Look at how developed we were before the 2nd World War. No wonder Japan invaded us despite the fact that  Manila is supposed to be an open city.
Look at the places then and compare them with our surroundings today. I wish we can travel back in time to enjoy our past glory.
And this is the challenge for the younger generation, to avoid the previous generation’s errors in governance and citizenry’s lack of discipline, and get their acts together to bring us back to where we belong- if not the 2nd wealthiest nation in Asia, one of the prosperous nations in this part of the world.

Video clip courtesy of The Travel Film Archive

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