Value adding volunteerism is when the service is anchored on mission, and the volunteer is immersed on purpose.

By blogging this, I am sharing how I think we can improve volunteerism at LODI Inc. We have crossed our 2nd year and we want to move forward orderly and stronger, with the welfare of the movers in mind.
To my readers who are not familiar with one of our projects, LODI Inc., or Learning and Organization Development Institute Inc., is the precursor of the then 5 but now 7 Saturday #HRMentoring 1.0 Program.

Our main advocacy is to promote social justice in the ground level, by imparting fair and balanced people management practice to new and aspiring talent professionals in our 1.0 HR Mentoring Program

Our mission is “to influence a diverse spectrum of individuals with our advocacies, and develop a community where future leaders and experts in human capital development will emerge ”

Our vision, on the other hand, is “to be a preferred provider of learning and organizational solutions, and preferred community of professionals where membership welfare and development is the core”

Our group is being led, managed and ran by volunteers, from top-down. Like any start-up organizations, we are going thru transition and with it inconvenience.
After our first year, a special team was created to coordinate with stakeholders to facilitate SWOT analysis and recommend interventions. The purpose is to put structure and professionalize a growing organization that started as a barkada project.

volunteerism in action

some of the volunteers for #HRMentoring 1.0 batch 7

DISTINCT, the group responsible for the SWOT, submitted its recommendations and involved other stakeholders to operationalize the plan. The community now is in the middle of these changes.
While OD interventions are being done, we are also in full speed running the 1.0 sessions, forging partnerships and rolling out programs in the pipeline.
As a consequence, our operations seems to be overheating as the stress was beginning to take its toll on volunteers.

Value Adding Volunteerism

Because of this, I will share what I think will level expectations to our #PayItForward motto and define the different level of volunteer work. In this way, DIG can write the policy, EL and Managers can operationalize the concept. And alumni can choose how to get involved.

Volunteerism or volunteer work, according to ILO,  refers to activities performed willingly and without pay to produce goods or provide services for others outside the volunteer’s household or family. Volunteer work plays an important role in countries, contributing to production and to economic output, particularly in the non-profit sector, and also to community development, social cohesion and civic participation.

There are two main elements of a volunteer work,  that it is (1) a work performed without an expectation of payment and (2) done voluntary without civil, legal or administrative requirement. The 2nd  is an important element to distinguish a volunteer work from compulsory unpaid work like court-mandated community service, mandatory national military draft or a service required as part of an education program or to acquire certification in a given profession.

Compensation for Volunteers

According to this study, there are two likely compensation for volunteerism, one is immediate and the other is eventual. Both can be time bound and temporary in nature.


  • Consumption Volunteerism (immediate gain) – in this theory, a volunteer work is treated like a commercial “good”, when consumed it gives satisfaction to the volunteer. For example, a person fond of travels will volunteer to a task that provides travel to different places or culture.

  • Investment volunteerism (long term gain) – here, a volunteer work is treated like an investment, where future gain can be expected. For example, a volunteer work, when done over a period of time, the volunteer gains a professional experience. This can be used as reference for application for promotions or  future work. Another example, a volunteer work can give access to a vast professional network. This can be used by the volunteer to benefit her work or business, like marketing or bartering a product or service, in the future.

           * volunteer work refers to the task or job

Purpose Driven Volunteerism

This volunteerism is anchored on shared advocacy. It may or may not be time bound because service is geared towards living the purpose and fulfilling the mission. This is akin to a “life” of altruism, a culture we’d love to live at LODI Inc.
The compensation from this volunteer work is the sense of fulfillment,  that feeling when you know you are within your calling.

The Concept of Value Adding Volunteerim in Motion

For operational reasons, the last part of this blog was omitted in this post, it was sent instead to the technical working group for their perusal and appropriate action.

A good question now for all volunteer organization is, how to operationalize a value adding volunteerism program? Care to share your experience?



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