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When we were at Baguio, wifey requested to visit a shop known for it’s hand crafted designer jewelry products. Even though I have no interest on any kind of jewelries, and I don’t take pleasure on shopping, I joined them and gave my thoughts on the items they think they liked, until wifey and daughter made their choice.

You may ask “why waste your time on things that is bloody boring, isn’t it unproductive?” I agree it’s boring but it’s not necessarily unproductive. Because it is something that wifey and daughter liked, by being with them, the activity becomes productive and value adding to our relationship. To wifey, watching DVD series of Lost, Prison Break, 24 and Smallville is also boring. But at times, she sat by my side and watched with me. The activity becomes productive. Sometimes I play PS2 with my kids though I have other better things to do, the activity becomes value adding.

When you do something that of not particular interest to you but important to the people you love, you make them feel important and secure. This is significant when you are raising kids because you are keeping yourself in the loop. They will not look at you as an authoritarian figure from another planet, but as a mom or dad they can relate and be comfortable with.

As one of the wise advises of our mentor, ” let your spouse and kids feel like a winner when you give in and join them in activities they enjoy”. It may be considered loss to your time and interest but victory to your love ones and family.


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