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Should we feast on or have a redemptive attitude towards individuals whose private videos were shared w/o their consent?

Of the issues that rocked our nation, 3 scandals have stood out so far- PDAF/DAF SCAM, the SEX SCANDALS of well known personalities and the PLAGIARISM OF MARK SOLIS.

Since I’m done sharing my thoughts about the pork barrel scam, the sex scandal will be my discussion point today. And at an appropriate time, I may also write about the You can now read my thoughts about the plagiarism incident of Mark Solis.

Should a second serving of sex video merit a news article?

redemptiveWhen news broke out that the 2nd sex video has been uploaded, I thought “is this news, still worth reporting” considering  the couple involved has not recovered yet, specially the woman.

Should we condemn and cyber bully the persons involved on sex scandal videos?

An online acquaintance reacted strongly against the 2nd video and believed the couple intentionally published the 2nd video to gain public attention. I said normal people when they get burned, learn their lesson, and these people seems very normal to me. Another online acquaintance said, they should have seen it coming since the filming is a deliberate act.  Though I disagreed w/ the logic behind filming ones sexual act even for “private use”,  it is the couple’s choice that is none of my business.

Likewise, I was thinking how the parents of every girl on sex videos are taking the scandal? What if the girl on the video is my sister, my niece or my daughter? Definitely, there will be embarrassment and pain, but does it merit rejection? At the end of the day, despite the anger and disappointment, “she” is still family.

A more humane approach is to have a redemptive attitude.

Mass media, on its own prerogative,  should also consider its multiplying effect to the victims of stolen private videos. PH new media has a reached of 30-33M, but mass media potentially has reach of 67- 70M.

Furthermore, we hope that the public can empathize to the parents of  girls on stolen sex videos. It’s not fun to see your daughter abused several times over because of a private video made public. These girls are still the “baby girl” whom they cared, protected and reared. I can’t imagine the pain and helplessness of parents since they can’t prevent the spread of these private videos. Some said parents cannot control the decision of an adult daughter, still others said that’s a consequence they should have thought of before they filmed themselves.

Yes it’s true, but a redemptive attitude is better than a judgmental one. On a distant past, a man exemplified what a redemptive attitude is about–  JC, a cool mentor and saviour, has the prerogative to pass judgement to a woman caught in adultery, instead, he won back a soul considered hell bound by an angry mob who are ready to execute her.


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