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Allow me to discuss another F.F., but this is still not the “friends with benefit” practice of young couples 😀

This FF is about the dream of ordinary people, those working in 8-12 hour shifts, those whose aspiration is to give their families good lives at the same time, spend more time with them.

Yes, I am talking about Financial Freedom.

Financial Freedom simply means  your money and assets work hard for you.

Employees, whether in blue collar or white collar jobs are of the same situation. They both work hard to earn money– having a regular job plus a little business here and part time job there for extra income.  Those earning much work hard to pay the mortgage of their house and car, education of their kids and savings for their retirement.  Ordinary laborers, on the other hand, work hard just to survive.  Both, however, can be trapped for good in the corporate rat race unless they strive to be financially free.

How do you know if you are financially free?

If you lose your job, or close your business now, you can still keep your lifestyle and pay your bills and obligations, then you are financially free.

If not, welcome to life. We have so much to learn how to be financially wise and develop our passive income.

The key to financial freedom is to acquire assets, that in turn, will give you passive income. An example of passive income is the lease or rentals generated by your real estate or advertising income generated by your blog. Your assets work hard for you. You can be financially free as soon as your monthly passive income is greater than your monthly expenses. If you reached this stage, you can now afford to quit your job  and pursue that master’s education and or explore business opportunitues or spend precious time with your love ones.

Until then, like the rest, we have to stay a little while in the rat race and work hard to get out of it. It does not take formal education or a semblance of  memory upgrade,to get out of the race. The first step is to recognize your situation and strongly desire to get out of the rat race. It’s doable, but takes a lot of determination, discipline, sound decision and compliance to God’s principles.

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