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While still hopping around different blogs, I bumped into a post from INTRAP that refers to a post from Work Matters. This is about the seemingly backward HR mindset.

So much has been said about the modern HR role, but it seems the modern HR has not responded enough to add value to the company and were even thought to be a stumbling block to innovation.

According to Bob Sutton:

Call it whatever you want, but as the war for talent seems to be heating up again, companies that fight it right will spend less time looking for solo stars and more time looking for dynamic duos, teams, and networks of people that have worked together in the past and want to work together more in the future. And perhaps it is time for modern HR practices to catch-up with the evidence.

HR may have all the reasons why she hires a solo star rather than the whole gang. But if HR is truly a strategic partner, then the sourcing mindset could very well deserve an overhaul?

Do you agree that of the observation of HR backward mindset?

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