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I don’t see myself as neither religious nor superstitious, but I consider myself fairly spiritual. Though theologically, I think it possible for human beings (who are spirit beings dwelling on a physical body) to be possessed by a demon (another spirit being), I dismiss it as hearsay arguing that there are medical or scientific reasons for a seemingly strange or not normal behavior of people whenever I hear stories of demon possession.


Until I faced off with a demon-possessed woman


It was more than two decades ago, I was collaborating with the youth group of Cathedral Of Praise as intern when I had an interesting but learning experience about spirit beings. After a days’ work visiting campuses, a youth leader and myself dropped by at the youth office to leave our engagement report, it’s past 7 PM then. Suddenly, the church phone rang. There was no one in the office at that time, so I took the liberty to answer the call. At the other line is a desperate man requesting an urgent home visit because her sister is allegedly demon-possessed. I told him he could be mistaken since he himself said the woman is still grieving for the loss of her husband. Nevertheless, we promised to visit them since their place is not too far from where we are.


20 year old skinny and inexperienced intern faced a demon-possessed woman

20 year old me


Upon arriving at their place, I was met by a frightened man, and he ushered us into their living room where a woman was tied to a wooden chair. She looked like the typical woman in horror movies. The man said, “brod, can I untie her so you can speak to my sister?”


Before I can say yes, the woman looked at me, her eyes rolled until only the white is left.  then she spoke… “huwag kang lalapit sa kin!” (don’t go near me!) in a deep yet firm voice of a MAN”.  She then spat on me.

I almost ran (I wanted to)!

But the youth leader with me, though afraid,  is confident that I know what I am doing (ha ha!). The relatives of the woman, on the other hand, believed in my word that she could be just suffering from mental anguish.


I was humbled, and afraid at the same time, so I uttered a silent prayer, I said  “Lord, these people are expecting answers from you  and they only got me to help them, please don’t fail them… and help me PLEASEEEE“.


The woman momentarily lost consciousness, then she requested to be untied. The people in the house looked at me, I said no. The woman’s countenance and voice changed again shouted at the top of her (his) voice and trying to break loose causing the wooden chair to be broken. We panicked, but those with the presence of mind instead reinforced the rope that is holding her.


All I know is to follow Jesus’ example when He cast out demons, so I spoke to the demon and said, ” In Jesus name, leave her now!”


To my surprise, the demon replied back. “You can not cast me out, she gave me permission to live in her body”. I was confused and don’t know what to do next, prayed again silently, and requested the believers with me to pray in tongues. I saw that this caused the woman (or the demon) great discomfort.. shouting, shirking, attempting to get loose, spitting on us, and attempting to bite us too. She lost consciousness again.


A moment of realization


Suddenly, the woman looked at me with teary eyes a voice of a woman came out begging for help. She said “hirap na hirap na po ako, parang awa nyo na, tulungan nyo po ko” (I’m in anguish and pain, I beg you, please help me). Since I know that only the LORD JESUS, can help her, I told her to follow this simple prayer. “Jesus”, I said, “forgive me for my sins, and I accept you as my personal Lord and Saviour”.


She struggled to say the word Jesus, I can see she was being strangled by something that I can’t see. But marks are all over her neck, and we can’t do anything. She struggles to say every word and is catching her breath.  After she completed the phrase “I accept you as my personal Lord and Saviour”, she passed out.


I thought she died


After a few minutes, she regained consciousness and requested for water. I instructed the relatives to untie her. Her countenance changed as if a heavy burden was lifted from her. Curious of what happened, I asked the family why the demon said s/he was given permission to possess her. I asked them what they are doing lately?  They replied, since her husband died, she set up a corner in her room where she placed the picture of her husband. Talked to him regularly there, offered the picture food and other gifts, and begged the picture of the husband to manifest itself and live with her.


Since, at that time,  I’m done with my theology class on Angels and Demons, I shared with them a type of demon called familiar spirits. They are like guardian angels who follow us wherever we are. They knew almost everything about us. These familiar spirits manifest themselves when a loved one passed away. The familiar spirit emulates the image, the voice, the habits of a dead person, and makes its presence felt so the living, who were left behind, will be deceived into believing that they encountered the spirit of a dead love one.


The people there thought I did great, they have no idea how frightened I was, and were clueless on what to do. Especially when the demon refused to leave.


I’m not blogging this to create an impression that I’m better or superior to others, It was not I who forced the demon out, it was Jesus, and the grace has given the woman to accept Jesus as her personal Lord and Saviour.

But because Halloween has become a regular occasion in the Philippines,  sharing this story is timely.

Likewise, whether we acknowledge it or not, there is a spirit world and spirit beings exist. And by recognizing this, and acknowledging spiritual principles, it can help us make better decisions about family, life, love, work etc. It’s not spookiness, rather practical.


I am a Christian and a believer of Jesus’ words and works. But this does not mean that I have turned off my brain and do not believe in science and logic. That is stupid.


Do you also have a paranormal experience? Share it via the comments section.


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