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Blogs are good platform to push for the advocacy we support. Blogs serve as the main source of content, social media serves as channel for promotion.

I gave a talk twice about blogs as platform for advocacy, please allow me to share the webcast of my prezi presentation.

I have been blogging since 2005, received an offer to be an Asst. Vice President for Human Resources (because a head hunter found my blog), and received an award on 2010 for Best Blog on Advocacy.

Blogs are good platform for content marketing, thus, many professionals strut their skills and competencies to get noticed. Brand managers recognized this, thus, have tapped bloggers for the exposure of their products and services. Therefore, it is only proper to use blog as platform to push for the causes we support.

Blogging for Advocacy, though, requires integrity. While I believe it should be self supporting, It cannot be misconstrued for commercial and profit use.  Likewise, challenges come, but if the blogger will be focused and consistent, s/he will find her place on the digital space and the community s/he seeks to serves

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