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Update 3/5/16 : What is the growth path of bloggers?

iBlog10 Sonnie

Photo from Ruben Licera’s Instagram account

iBlog, the annual blogging summit being held at UP Diliman since 2004, celebrated it’s 10th year last April 4-5, 2014 at Malcolm Hall, UP College of Law. iBlog is instrumental to the growth of my blogs and my  journey to entrepreneurship.

  • My first attendance was on 2005 or iBlog 2- there I won a domain for my blog. I  had self-hosted blogs ever since.
  • My first talk about my blogs was on iBlog 7,  I discussed then blogging and advocacy.
  • And now, on it’s 10th year, iBlog10, I’m sharing how my blogs taught me to be an entrepreneur.

read: why I am (still) blogging.

Here’s the slide cast version of my keynote/powerpoint presentation.

My Blogging Journey
  • I started writing and sharing career related articles via Yahoo Groups. But because I have concerns on the copyright of my work, I created blogs on Multiply, then moved to Blogspot and finally to WordPress .
  • After iBlog 2, I’ve been maintaining several self hosted blogs w/ my preferred domain name.
  • The old contents of my blog, ASKSonnie (Sonnie’s Porch then), was about professional  life as HR/OD. And on 2008, this blog and my LinkedIn profile became my ticket to Asst. Vice President position.
  • On 2010, a lot had happened, I won the best advocacy blog. Became a finalist of the 1st T@tt Awards, I quit my job and ventured to social entrepreneurship
  • On 2011, we set-up WSPH Training and Consulting. WSPH is the initials of the award winning blog, “web safety Philippines”.
  • I experimented w/ several blogs, but eventually decided to streamline and re-brand my old Sonnie’s Porch to maintain a single identity across the web. The new url of my blog is now and all my social media accounts & handles/ vanity URLs, except LinkedIn were also changed to @asksonnie. ASK stands for who I am, an A-dvocate, S-trategist and K-eynoter; And the contents of this blog, my A-dvocacies, S-ocial Business and my K-nack for HR 3.0

My Biz

WSPH is a learning events organiser, provider of corporate training and consulting. We specialise on  HR/OD programs, Leadership and Management Development, Social Business and Cyber Wellness

Blogging Strategies That Works (For Me)

  • Blog to create value
    From zero to something valuable, so brands will be willing to spend their money for you. It’s not a quick money scheme, but one that is anchored on consistency and patience.
  • Blog to represent your brand
    Your offline and online brand should be consistent. Build trust and long term relationships
  • Blog for Pull Marketing
    Focus on building contents and let search engines do its work.
    To distinguish Push from Pull Marketing, check-out Jim Shakle’s page. To elaborate the pull marketing funnel I shared on my slide cast, please read “essential ingredients for truly effective pull marketing” by S00kie Shuen

Here are some of iBlog photos from the feed of Jennifer Gana‘s Facebook account.

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