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Facebook fan pages has found it’s equal. Finally, a company page not for customers but for the job market. Introducing….

LinkedIn Companies

Still in beta, LinkedIn is now offering company pages with the purpose of providing a platform for “job seekers to learn more about a company, it’s culture, products and services. This is the opportunity of the company to present it’s brand to over 85 million members of LinkedIn. This can also be used as research tool for business people to explore and find the right companies to do business with”.

I find this cool since  Facebook application and fan pages are geared towards customer, now LinkedIn, capitalizing on it’s strength, enhanced it’s services to be relevant targeting job seekers and entrepreneurs alike. What I find more attractive, as a Human Resource Executive, is the metrics section. It gives a visitor the ability to check on the company’s metrics like the job composition, tenure of employees, educational attainment of employees and the university they graduated. This is helpful in attracting top level talent who are meticulous in the company they are joining, as well as businessman exploring partnership opportunities.

So what are you waiting for? You can create a page now for your company.

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