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Having been involved in Talent Acquisition and Management for a while, I look for people who knows what they are best at, and willing to take the risk. However, most of these people will rather start and manage their own business (no matter how small), rather than riding on with the success of others.


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Not that working for someone is less honourable, but these people would like to make a mark in the business landscape by looking for opportunities and taking the risk to start something different and/or innovative. One such person is Nicole Krauss, owner of JNK Products. As a former Vice President of a company operating 8 retail stores, she observed that the price of the merchandise was closely knitted to the overhead expenses, thus, higher prices. Believing there is a better way of doing things, she started her own company by distributing mobile roofing and managed to bring down the cost by shipping the product directly from the manufacturer straight to the customer.


According to Nicole

“Selling products online allows me to reduce my overhead and my prices. Instead of investing in brick and mortar and tying up our money in inventory, we invested in customer delight.

And this has become the driving force of the company.

“It is our mission to destroy the myth that you can not have price, quality and service at the same time. We believe responsible companies can sell high quality products at fair prices by reducing their overhead and spending. While some of the name brands we sell are higher priced than some imitators, we will continue to offer the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices.



A company need not be big to ensure customer delight, an entrepreneur need to be born rich to start a business. A customer need not to go to the industry giants to get quality.

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