Philippines is Magnet to Internet-Borne Threats

Recently released report tagged PH as #1 in ASEAN at the receiving end of web threats. However, the significant drop in local infections is good news because Pinoys are now taking proactive measures for online safety and data privacy.

War on ASEAN Talents

A few more years ASEAN will open more job opportunities to local talents and professionals when its economies are integrated. Are you ready?

Understanding PH Chairship and the ASEAN Community

When the Philippines assumed the ASEAN Chairship, the country¬†launched the six thematic priorities for the 3 pillars of ASEAN Community¬†under the theme, “Partnering for Change, Engaging the World”. Aside from the usual meetings, ¬†festivities¬†were planned...

Book Review: Be Happy Hungry

It is a self-help book which contains easy-to-follow steps. This serves as a guide for those who feel they have insurmountable problems

A Microsoft Experience

While the unit is still under warranty, Microsoft replaced my Lumia 1520 in two different occasions. A delightful way to keep this Windows Phone fan happy!

Pacquiao v Mayweather

If Mayweather will relinquish all three titles to give upcoming boxers a chance, this is the knock out punch to win the PR war

How To Avoid Failure

Past experiences and present opportunities are not coincidences, they are intertwined with your purpose. Find that purpose and you’ll know your future..

“Born This Way Ball”

Though I have mixed feeling about it, I decided to attend the born this way concert so my advocacies can connect to the present pop culture and be relevant.

Customer Delight Matters

customer delight is a result of a deliberate effort by a company to provide a value adding product and service, at a reasonable price