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Employee appraisal is needed to keep employee aware of his performance vis-a-vis a goal in a given period of time. Result of appraisal is basis for other HR interventions


This is a 4 year old video an old video, my 1st TV appearance as a resource person, you’ll notice how nervous I was, ha ha.

I’m new then in my position as Asst. Vice President, got an invite from one of the production staff to discuss employee appraisal and performance management system.

Performance management system is one silos of people management, both a process and a cycle wherein you review and define the

  • requirements for a job position
  • the value of a job position
  • job description
  • factors needed to gauge the performance level of  a job position
  • training and people development needs
  • rewards
  • employee movement


Employee appraisal, on the other hand, is an assessment tool being performed in a pre defined schedule. The purpose is to evaluate and assess employee performance in a given period. The result will be the basis for training or coaching programs, merit increase, and employee movement.

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