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Update: You can view or download the following materials

  • DOLE’s powerpoint slide: Policies on Family Welfare in the Workplace, courtesy of ECOP
  • Checklist of priority activities, courtesy of ECOP
  • Advisory on Family Health Program Services by DOLE


Family Welfare Program of DOLE

Photo Credit: DOLE-OSHC

I  participated in a forum with representatives from  the gov’t, employers group, labor union and NGO’s to discuss the new initiative from Department of Labor and Employment.   During the presentation, it was noted that present CBAs include non cash benefits such as family planning & family welfare, thus, institutionalising a family oriented program is a timely move. Below is the gist of the new program: SOURCE : DOLE Dept. Order No. 56-03 Series of 2003 BASES:

  1. Article 134 of the Labor Code
  2. 1995 International Conference on Women.
  3. 1999 International Conference on Population and Development Program of Action.
  4. The Philippine Population Management Program
  5. Directional Plan for 2002-2004.
  6. The Philippine Plan for Nutrition 1999-2004


New Priorities and 10 Dimensions of the Family Welfare Program of DOLE

  1. Reproductive Health and Responsible Parenthood.
  2. Education/ Gender Equality
  3. Spirituality or Value Formation
  4. Income Generation/Livelihood/Cooperative
  5. Medical Health Care
  6. Nutrition.
  7. Environment Protection, hygiene and Sanitation
  8. Sports and Leisure
  9. Housing.
  10. Transportation


Employers Responsibility

  1. Establishment employing more than 200 workers in any locality “shall” form a Family Welfare (FWC) committee through the assistance of the DOLE Regional Offices. Those employing less than 200 employees are “encourage” to do the same.
  2. Employers are urged to provide the necessary support, assistance and resources to FWC in the conduct of capability building activities for labor and management leaders, members of FWC committee, clinic and clinic staff, and peer educators.

The government believed that the program will result to less absenteeism and high morale of employees. But both the employer and labor group raised the following concerns:

  1. The ten dimensions of the program can be used by employee against management. (employer)
  2. The ten dimensions may be too expensive for management. (employer)
  3. With this order, it seemed that there is no more room for CBA negotiation. (labor)
  4. On the item of family planning, conservative management may not welcome the idea of artificial contraceptives. (labor)
  5. What constitute compliance is not clear. (employer and labor)

Given the issues raised, the participants gave these suggestions:

  1. Concrete study on the effect of the program to the company’s ‘bottom line’ and employee engagement and retention.
  2. Focus the roll-out first on projects that will add value


Have you started implementing the family welfare program? Care to share how you do it?

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