Sex and the Human Resource– part 1

Sex and the Human Resource- one of the FAQs I am receiving is when either HR or someone in leadership position gets into an intimate relationship with an officemate– from plain exchange of body fluids to one involving the heart.

In situations like these, should HR get involve? Why and how?

The 2013 State of Search and Social in the Philippines

A single word to describe the Filipino internet is ‘social’. The Philippines still holds the highest social media penetration of all countries w/ 96.1% of the online population in social media. Some of the popular sites are as follows:
Facebook- 92.2%; Twitter- 20.3%; Tumbler- 12.6%; LinkedIn- 8.6%

Likewise, with 9 in every 10 searches on the Filipino web, search has largely become synonymous with Google”. Yahoo! comes on distant 2nd with 6.7% and Bing on 3rd.


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