Want an Orderly Space? 5S is a Win!

Is your workplace orderly? When you waste time looking for something,  you know it’s there but you just can’t find it. I guess the answer is obvious.

When Self Serving Interest Is Good

When self interest empowers people to improve, it becomes value adding. Self gain is value negating because we take something away from another person

How To Register Your Company With DOLE

Rule 1020 is a requirement of DOLE and one of the many requirements of the Govt before operating a new business. This one is often missed out by biz owners.

Spur Thinking By Using Stories

Storytelling is a powerful tool to spur thinking. It a technique that bypasses the resistance of a person and opens an opportunity to get across a message.

HR 1.0 Mentoring Program: HR Operations

#HRMentoring or the HR 1.0 (HR Operations) program is a 7 Saturday modular program that seeks to improve HR services in the ground level. This, to help keep employee engagement and promote social good.

HR 1.0 Mentoring Sign-Up Page

HR Mentoring batch 10 starts on October 2019, sign-up now! Batch 10 is made possible with our industry partners, alumni from earlier batches and the mentors.

Leadership Lessons from the Mountains

Early this week, I withdrew to the mountains to spend some time reflecting, praying and fasting. There are several lessons I gained (notes to self) from reading the story of Kings Saul and David, here’s a few leadership lessons that you may want to consider

The ‘I Am HR’ Conference

The ‘I am HR Conference’ is the culmination of year long learning gigs, spearheaded by the HR advocates of the #HRMentoring group.

Sex and the Human Resource– part 1

Sex and the Human Resource- one of the FAQs I am receiving is when either HR or someone in leadership position gets into an intimate relationship with an officemate– from plain exchange of body fluids to one involving the heart.

In situations like these, should HR get involve? Why and how?

HR 1.0 Mentoring Program

We believe that thru #HRMentoring, HR services will improve to promote social justice and responsibility, which in turn leads to industrial peace and nation building.