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I got curious with the #inspirationindex being spearheaded by LinkedIn, so I participated. My curiosity did not fail me because the result, so far of the (on-going) survey, is pretty amazing.

First, this is what I got.

Sonnie's Inspiration Score 

An awesome score, though I’m dedicated and motivated at work, I’m not always inspired.

When I ventured into the corporate world,  my dream is to be a Manager by the age of 28. I missed that goal,  but I became a Senior Manager at the age of 29.  After 9 years, I assumed the position of  Assistant Vice President  for Human Resources. Though living comfortably with my salary, I’m always looking and creating time for myself and for my interests.

Work-life balance, is a need,  not because  of too much work, but when our interests is totally different from our job.

So at 40, I made something drastic and idiotic. I quit my job to pursue what I’m happy doing, live my purpose and be free. My decision did not sit well with most of my friends, they thought I’m stupid to start all over again mid way of my life.

I just jokingly said, 40 is the new 20.

Kidding aside, money gave me convenience and  some comfort.  But not satisfaction and inspirationIf the shoe don’t fit, it’s stressful if not painful.

Satisfaction is a result when we are at peace with ourself. Peace, on the other hand, is achieved when 1] we are aware of our purpose in life, and 2] we are moving forward to fulfil it. If one is happy with his job, the energy to be creative, do something different and new, and recover from stressful situation, never run dry.

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The Philippine inspiration rate is also interesting. Filipinos have an average inspiration index of 72, 2 percentile higher to LinkedIn average. Because of this, initial   results showed the Filipinos are #7, and only behind Romania, Mexico and Sweden. Filipinos are considered  one of the most inspired workers of the world. Yey!


This findings, in my opinion, is both good and bad. Good because this employee trait can yield value adding results to employers. On the other hand, some can use this to continually take advantage of Filipino professionals and workers.

What do you think?

Equally interesting are the jobs that rank highest and lowest, check this out:


Inspiration- Bottom

Incidentally, my personal interest is on top 3. What inspires me is the opportunity and privilege  to add value to people, specially the youth. The result also showed that jobs that help people and community, and those that can express themselves freely ranks high. And those that rank low? Highly stressful, routinary, and perceived as non value adding.

Have you participated on the survey? Care to share your thoughts about the results?

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