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Update 10/8/2013: I have since left that employer after another head hunter got hold my blog & linkedin profile, I accepted the offer as Asst.Vice President for HR. Two years after, I set-up WSPH Training & Consulting.

preparing for theLast week, I got a call and email from strangers.

One head hunter who got hold of my contact details thru this blog sent an email and requested for a comprehensive copy of my CV. An executive requirement of another company fits my credentials, according to the sender. I declined the request with due respect to my present employer.

On the other hand, an officer of a company employing 1000 employees called and invited me to facilitate a  Substance Abuse orientation for a fee. The guy Googled “drug abuse” and ended up in  the Drug Abuse series of this blog. Though this is an earning opportunity, I also declined since their activities are not intertwined whie policies and procedures are not yet in place.

In my professional experience, projects like this should have 3  phase:

  1. Building Phase– this is where policies are formulated
  2. Awareness Phase– this is where the orientation will come in.
  3. Implementation Phase– actual drug testing; suspension while rehabilitation; or termination of employment.

With these opportunities that crossed my path, I find it strange why some bloggers choose to get fired rather than hired.

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Those that were fired, if I recalled it correctly, are those that either blogged about company experience and/or disclosing non disclosable information, or habitual wasting of  company time and resources by blogging, plurking, youtubing, friendstering, multiplying, facebooking etc. while on duty.

Blogging is neutral, we can make it work for us or against us. Blogging is your brand, your online presence and reputation.However, we can blog about things that somehow answer the questions of would be employers.

Do you blog about your expertise, work experience, challenges and how you overcame it. Do your blog reflect your passion and interest? Does it somehow reflect your values in life?

Headhunters now are checking LinkedIn and other networking sites in search of new talent. Who knows, an opportunity for you may just be around the corner.

If I am your employer, and I happen to access your plurk page or blog, are you worth promoting or firing?If I am a head hunter, and have accessed your online sites, are you worth pursuing?

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