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partnership announcemen by Jobstreet
Behind every strong organization is an equally strong Human Resources group. The HR professionals are no longer just a “hire and fire” department, as they are crucial in shaping and maintaining an organization’s culture. As this group is responsible from talent recruitment to employee wellbeing, HR is the beating heart of any company.
JobStreet is inspired by the growing community of HR professionals who are determined to elevate their expertise and understanding of what the modern Filipino employee needs. Through the strategic partnership of and #HRinHR (Human Rights in Human Resources) advocate Sonnie Santos, both will continue to help spread awareness of business and human rights, candidate preferences and employment trends, and promote meaningful discussions of best practices for the HR industry.
Sonnie Santos said: “The partnership provides access to the vast knowledge database of Jobstreet Philippines. This can make our interventions and programs timely, relevant and value-adding to both the talent market and employers.”
Sonnie Santos is the HR professional behind “The ASK Project” initiative. He is also the founder of the Learning and Organization Development Institute, Inc. (LODI, Inc.), the co-founder of Blogwatch and the expert partner of Australia for cyber wellness. He is a twice awardee for his advocacies and is always at the forefront in developing future and corporate leaders through the HR Mentoring program.
More than just a job board, JobStreet is the most trusted talent source for Filipinos and multiple countries around the world. For more than 20 years, JobStreet have always connected and matched businesses to the right talent, and utilizing deep local employment insights for companies. provides in-depth, actionable insights that empower hirers to make the right decisions for their workforce.
Filipino HR professionals can expect articles and webinars that focus on improving and elevating the industry. Together, Sonnie Santos and JobStreet Philippines will bring valuable, customized, and targeted content to the local Human Resources community.

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