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Most Filipino films and TV series I have watched, in both streaming platforms and cinema, have unnecessary bloat. Pinapahaba masyado. Writers try to stretch the story by prolonging unnecessarily scenes or incorporating so many sub plots.

Wifey and I set out to watch all the MMFF 2023 movies in support of the local film industry, but we only managed to see five:

  • Rewind
  • Firefly
  • GomBurZa
  • Mallari
  • When I met you in Tokyo

Metro Manila Film Festival
We are not sure if we will watch the rest, as our interest faded after the MMFF 2023 awards ceremony. Besides, we are back to reality of work na. I am not an expert on the film industry, but I would like to share my opinions based on the five movies we saw.
For the MMFF 2023 best picture, I thought it was a close call between Rewind, Mallari, GomBurZa, and Firefly. I would have given it to GomBurZa, because it was a historical film that recreated the 1800s atmosphere, including the use of Spanish language. The next “best”, IMO are, Rewind, Mallari, and Firefly. When I met you in Tokyo started well, but it became boring in the second half.
I think for the best picture award, it should be available per genre or MTRCB rating. Firefly was a story that mostly appealed to children (and maybe mothers). The other films had a more mature tone that children might not understand but they are equally good, if not better.
For the MMFF 2023 best actor award, I think Dingdong Dantes was slightly better than Christopher De Leon and Cedrick Juan. But Vilma Santos was the clear winner for the best actress award, IMO.
Since I have yet to see the other MMFF 2023 films, I cannot comment on the other awards.
In general, I think local films are improving, but not yet on the same level of 70’s to early 80’s films. On TV series, we will do well if producers and writers will refrain from stretching the story unnecessarily, Nakakaumay, kung hindi nakakainis or nakakabobo. 

What are your thoughts?


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