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One of the sub-points of my talk on Developing Employees as Business Partner is how to manage different workplace behaviors. The clip below explains, in simple terms, the different behaviors that you will likely encounter.


Addressing Workplace Behaviors

The basis for the program you’ll develop is this quadrant:

Different Behaviors

HR together with line managers should first categorize workplace behaviors according to the four quadrants. Bases are performance appraisal results, records of administrative discipline, and recognitions received by the employee.

As soon as this practical but tedious process is done, HR,  with the inputs of all stakeholders, will conceptualize an employee program for each quadrant. The company culture, corporate directions, relevant policies, and KRAs should be taken into consideration in the conceptualizing period.

Based on experience, multiple interventions are needed to develop and engage an employee.


Top of your mind, what are likely initiatives you’ll suggest for each quadrant?



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