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I shared the principle of “one step back, two steps forward” in an “Ignite” HR Convention, organized by students for students. This is to level their expectations when they step into the corporate world.

Since students were exposed to feel good stories, I decided to share a framework w/ shots of reality from my actual experience. One step back, two steps forward is a template that we can use when starting a new journey in life.

Step back talk by Sonnie at an HR Youth Congress

Inspiring the youth to use social computing for social good and embrace integrity


Back Story

Young graduates are blessed w/ a tool that we don’t have in our time,  social media. If these tools are used properly, they can position their brand and showcase their skills both in the local and global arena. Social media has been a proven tool to jump start one’s career. I myself became an Asst. Vice President partly bec. of my online presence.

However, though social web can make someone a “rockstar”, the person’s character is still the force that will keep the “rockstar” status for a long period of time. Thus, the one step back approach.

One Step Back

Before zooming forward, it’s important for young people to take a hard second look of their character- to discover what they are made of because the situations they will face will challenge their integrity.

A strong character will keep them steady. A weak one, on the other hand, will cause them to compromise in exchange for opportunities.

Only after we have taken a step back to strengthen our character, the next two steps forward will not be value adding

Two Steps Forward

Step 1: Ensure you know where you are heading.

It’ll be a waste when after climbing the ladder of success with all we’ve got, we found out that we are on the wrong ladder. I knew people who are in this situation, and are not happy.
Step 2: Use Social Media for Social Good

Use social computing for social good, position your brand and showcase what you got. Only through this, likely employers will notice you. Or biz partners if you are inclined to be an entrepreneur.

Details of my talk can be viewed on the webcast below:

You can likewise download a copy of the powerpoint presentation at  AskSonnie’s Slideshare account.

About the organizers

They are the BS183 Class for 1st sem 2013-2014 under Ms. Aya Dupaya from UP- Manila.

BS183 Class for 1st sem 2013-2014: IGNITE Organizers

BS183 Class for 1st sem 2013-2014: IGNITE Organizers


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