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Since 2010, we’ve been to different schools, parent organizations, and youth groups giving seminars to scale up the online intelligence.

Online intelligence is operating knowledge of the cyber wellness framework, digital rights and online hygiene.

It is our belief that by online intelligence plus awareness of applicable cyber laws, we can spur critical thinking and promote value-adding online behavior, we can create a safe and fun shared space to nurture creative expressions and free speech, mental resilience, and learning.  Proper education will also result in timely and appropriate action to stop and prevent cyberbullying in the Philippines.
In one week alone, we’ve been to the University of the Philippines Diliman, La Salle College of Antipolo, and Pamantasan ng Muntinlupa. And there is a common consensus that cyberbullying is a growing concern. It was also interesting to note that generally, these bright kids are at a loss in differentiating goofing around with friends and cyber harassment.
The school year is about to end, I hope next year, more school admins will listen to their guidance officers and support cyber wellness campaigns. If we will not be involved in the online activities of our young, then who will shape their online behavior?

Should you need help in setting up your cyber wellness policy or program, or you need a learning session for employees, students, parents, teachers, and guidance counselors, feel free to shoot us an email at asksonnie[at]outlook[dot]PH or send SMS at +6328 514 9980

Aside: Below are some of the sessions we have conducted

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