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Am no fan of procedures, specially if it will complicate a rather simple situation.



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If at one point, you attempted to return or exchange a defective product, or if an ATM did not dispense cash but the amount was deducted from your account, or you tried to secure a document from a govt. agency, or you filed a claim with your insurance provider—- then you know what I am talking about
But procedures exist for a purpose. And to relieve ourselves with unnecessary stress and frustration, set aside first the “customer is always right” mentality. Try to understand the logic and do not lose your temper. If need be, reason not with the implementor, but with the decision maker.
Consider this:

Jesus and John are cousins, Jesus is the Christ, John is the prophet. John came baptizing at the Jordan river and declared openly that somebody greater than him will come (referring to Jesus).


Jesus came to be baptized by John, but John said “I need to be baptized by you, so why did you come to me” (Matt 3:14), but Jesus answered ” Let it be this way for now (huh?!), it is right for us to do this…” (Matt 3:15a).

What? This is unusual in a corporate environment or  govt. to have a boss (Jesus) following a procedure (being baptized) and submitting himself to John (a subordinate).
Why following the procedure is important, in this story?

God, prior to Jesus baptism, have told John about the sign that will reveal the Christ– That the Christ need to be baptized by him, so the Holy Spirit will come down from heaven (John 1:29-34). Furthermore, when this happened, it shall be the sign that his (John the baptist) retirement is imminent.

If both did not follow the procedure, the Holy Spirit will not come down, and the rest of Christian faith could have been a disaster because.

Jesus need to fast for 40 days, and during that period, the devil will tempt him. This is needed because Jesus will later require people to change their lives. But before he can do that, he himself need to overcome common lusts that men fall– (1) lust of the eye, (2) lust of the flesh and (3) lust for material things.


The Holy Spirit will enable Jesus to survive 40 days w/o water and food, and overcome the three lusts

Just imagine what would happen if set procedures were not followed in this story?
For every procedure we find in the Bible, there is an underlying reason, dig and find it. Let this be our reflection as we observe the lenten season.
For every procedure we have at work, in business or elsewhere, there is a reason why it was created, so  follow. This will not only relieve us of the unnecessary stress but will ensure we will not miss the what is due for us.

Do you like procedures? Care to share your thoughts?


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