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I just finished my quiet time [prayer and reflection of the Word], and as a result, my grasp of what “order” meant became broader.


source of freedom and Order


In life, there are many things that compete for our attention. In my case, I have a wife to please, a son and daughter, who have contrasting personalities, to raise. As a Manager, I have an employer to please, a staff to develop and a division to run (note: this post was published on 2008 when I’m still in an employee). I have extended family members that I also take time to guide and support, and so on and so forth.

In all of these, it is likely to have dis order in what I thought to be orderly priorities. Most of the time, we give first and more attention to the most obvious, the noisiest and the more urgent issues. But these does not necessarily mean important. If we are focused always on “firefighting” activities, we forget how to look at things from the top view to make the necessary balance, priority and order.

Similarly in our home, when we want to fix things up, we don’t do it piece meal, we look at the whole picture and consider the effect of changing one area to the rest since we have a defined space.  This is the same in our life, we only have 24 hours, and we need to discern what is important, and recognise that not all urgent issues are important.

We need serenity, we need to energise, we need to decompress, we need guidance. And these are achieved if we find time to connect with the Creator.


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