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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Some said it’s a lousy and disappointing film, but I think otherwise.


Dawn of Jutsice

Love this! Wonder Woman leads the battle. Gender equality and women empowerment at best.

This is one of the rare occasions when I’m motivated to write a movie review. The movie is not epic, but I would like to add a dissenting voice to those who said this film is lousy.

We’re suppose to watch the 1st screening on day 1, but a pressing concern prevented us from doing so. The delay caused me to be exposed to bad reviews about the film and this dampen my enthusiasm. But it’s one of the rare movies where the entire family would like to watch, so I did not pass the opportunity to bond with my teen-agers.




Batman v Superman is not the typical super hero movie that will make you feel good. It starts rather boring, but the action slowly builds up over time. The early scenes, IMO, are necessary to prepare us on what is ahead- the latter part of the movie and presumably the sequel.


Theme: Gloomy and Death

Batman v Superman begins and end its story w/ death, probably this is the reason why the film don’t sit well with other reviewers. It’s kinda gloomy, in fact there’s only one humorous line I can recall (when both Superman and Batman assume Wonder Woman is working for the other). I surmise that the title explains the context- dawn of justice. From a season of gloom to a day of hope or justice– that is when the Justice League will be formed. The film can make you look forward to the debut of the Flash, Green Lantern and AquaMan.


Battle Scenes


I so like this scene because Wonder Woman made her appearance. She’s cool, brave and strong. Talk about woman power. Batman is kinda older in this movie, a bit slower, but still ferocious. Superman is.. oh well Superman!


A Few Lessons

Wonder Woman and purpose in life: I guess you can’t just walk away from your purpose. She once walked away from her call (being a Super Hero) but was drawn back when Dooms Day is wrecking havoc. And she saved Batman with her bracelet, I find it cool!

Batman on trust issues: The battle between Superman and Gen. Zod on the 1st movie left a bad taste in him. This negative emotion got into Batman which led him to challenge Superman, with the end goal of killing him.

Lex Luthor on Social EngineeringIt will not take a Lex Luthor to manipulate emotions and situations to create havoc. There can be someone in our environment that can assume the role of puppet master or social engineers to trick us into doing something for them.

Tragedy and Inspiration : The tragedy of someone’s death inspired Batman to do more. And part of that “more” is to locate the other Super Heroes (Aqua Man, Green Lantern and the Flash).


A lot of people do not like the ending, because it’s unexpected and unusual. It can leave a bad taste, depending on your expectation. But as for me, I am looking forward to the next film.

The movie is not bad, I’ll give it a 7/10 rating. This superhero movie is not for little kids, its not a feel good movie like the Christopher Reeves’ Superman series of the 80s. So if you’re planning to bring your little ones, you may want to give them a pre and post movie de/briefing.


Have you watched Batman v Superman yet? Feel free to share your thoughts!


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