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Sex and the Human Resource. One of the FAQs I’m receiving, both online and off the grid, is when either HR or someone in leadership gets into an intimate relationship with an officemate — from plain exchange of body fluids to one involving the heart.


Or, when someone in leadership hits on a female employee. But the move, for not so mysterious reason, reached the doorstep of HR.


In situations like the above, should HR get involve? Why and how?


In the next few weeks, I will be embarking on a mini series on ‘Sex and the Human Resource. I will share situations I encountered in the past, and scenarios shared with me when a colleague sought for an opinion. Of course, I will alter identifiable information so as not to break confidence.

This series is meant to expand our HR Mentoring efforts, to share and solicit best practices from seasoned practitioners in our community, in preventing and dealing with similar issues head-on.

Though times have changed, the human appetite for sex remain constant. And to make the act more exciting, it is being documented either in stilled images or videos.

Since this is an introductory post, we will start with the ideal human resource behavior. HR peeps are not immune to sexual appetite, but when HR got involve, the issue is amplified several notches up and everyone suddenly becomes commentators and juries.

I’m sure you have heard this comment,  when HR got into a scandal.. ‘HR pa naman, di na nahiya’ (the person is supposedly from HR, s/he has no shame).

This unsolicited advise too, I’m certain you have heard from someone : ‘do not shit in your own backyard’.

But aside from the timeless pieces of advice above, I bumped into this ethical guide and I thought of sharing this for discussion.

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Is above guide acceptable in our culture?

I received this admonition from my boss when I’m still starting up in my HR leadership career ‘you are like a fish in a bowl, make sure you keep your pants on’.  Is this more applicable and still relevant in present time?

Is the guide more palatable to non hr or it is still too affront to employees?

Do you have any takeaways from the suggested guide?


Speak your mind and share your thoughts in the comment section about sex and the human resource. You may also PM stories or confessions that will spice our series.



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