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While most are reeling from the effects of fuel increase, not all are bothered.

Having started my profession in people management, I was introduced to the different mindset of people from different social status.

In marketing, for example, to reach the poor, the price of a product or service must be extremely affordable. Earn by the volume, quality is secondary. On the other hand, the middle class gives strong consideration on quality, price may not be the issue, but the product or service must be worth the price. The rich and the super rich do not mind spending, but the need for “prestige” when buying a product or availing a service must be achieved.

The clash of this mindset have often result to prejudices to each other.

The poor, on our part of the world, was often portrayed by media as the oppressed and taken advantaged of party. While there is an element of truth to this, a generalization is not accurate. I believe a family can break out of poverty if they want to. The result may not be immediate, but the beneficiaries is the next generation. Regardless of what the gov’t. or other people will do or not do, one can get out of poverty, slowly though.

There is also an anti-rich sentiment in society. As I blogged in one pf my previous posts, SUV owners are criticized for driving fuel hungry expensive vehicles. Some people claim they contribute to the fuel price increase, therefore, must refrain from using one and just take public transportation. These group of people are being criticized for having the means to enjoy life. While it is their option not to use the SUV for instance, they should not be persecuted if they choose to drive and enjoy one.

Some people can’t seem to like that there are real people who can afford and chose private jet charter than a commercial flight. It’s the prestige, the reward and even a necessity to a few.

I guess the most unfortunate group is the middle class. Because they can’t afford to hire security personnel like the rich, they are often the victim of crimes against property. Whose house are often broken inside and looted? whose lap top or cell phones are often stolen? Whose small clinic or stores are often held up?

Anyway, this is the kind of life we have to live on while on earth. Maybe this is the reason why King Solomon once said living in this world is “meaningless”. Prejudices against each other abound.

It’s hard to be poor, I knew what it meant to be one and to be looked down. I once felt the humiliation of having no resources, therefore, have little options available.

I guess the most painful part of being poor is being doubted or less trusted. Some have the mindset that because you are poor, you will steal money or office property. A friend confided his preference to have an employee who are not from a poor family because they can not be trusted. Because a former employee took advantage of the trust given and stole money, they are now taking the precaution.

I have seen also how others manipulate the desperation of the poor to have a job, they are paid less compare to others of the same job level.

But those earning a little more,  eating decent meal and driving their own car are also an object of prejudices.

I am being criticized for driving 2 cars, a sedan and an SUV. These people passed judgement not knowing that the SUV is a company car. In my course of performing my job, I was accused of being biased against the small people because I initiated  termination of employees for committing serious misconduct, fraud and/or habitual neglect of duties. I was hated for getting upset to pedicab peddler and jeepney/bus drivers who have a habit of ignoring defensive driving principles and traffic laws. My behavior to them, according to some, is anti poor because I’m limiting them their ability to earn money. My goodness, I’m a Jeepney driver once upon a time, but I did not violate the rights of other drivers to use the road and  to arrive safely to their destination.






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