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Prov. 29:18: Where there is no vision, the people perish…

I was blog hopping when I noticed the post of Jim Walton about being noisy but lacking on vision. He pointed to the blog of Tony Morgan where this nugget of wisdom was unearthed:

People will follow vision, they won’t follow information.

Both Jim and Tony, in my understanding, are believers serving God with all their heart.

I find their post interesting so I decided to add value to their thoughts and trackback to their blogs.

In my experience, either in ministry, corporate world and professional blogging, though people appreciate and process information for our day to day decisions. This does not translate or command following.

Vision, however, is what will capture the heart and imagination of people– In the corporate world, employees stay and become loyal to the organization not only because of money, but because they share and co-own the vision.

Rapidly growing Churches is a consequence of the leaders understanding of his call and the vision God placed in his heart. The membership grew because they also embraced their leaders vision.

Furthermore, popular blogs, are product of a wider readership brought about by a specific niche– this niche is born out of purpose and vision.

You may ask, what is a vision anyway…?

According to Steven Covey, a vision begins with “the end in mind”.

In my own opinion, a vision, is the consequence of a person’s purpose in life or the calling God placed in his life.

Do you know your vision? Take time to self introspect and find out your life purpose.

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