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Strategic planning is being done to look into the determinants of successes and failures. And to recalibrate strategies and action plans.

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We just bade goodbye to the old year and celebrated the coming of a new year. Most of us are looking forward to a better year, but the question is, what can we do to make the new year better than the last?


“Who we are today is a product of our choices yesterday, and if we do not like our present standing, we must change our choices and actions today, to expect a better tomorrow.”


A new year (fiscal or calendar) is a perfect opportunity for people and organizations, to reflect and learn from the previous years’ successes and failures. And after that, recalibrate strategies and strategize plans.


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If you want to apply strategic leadership and strategic thinking principles, you have to go thru a self reflection exercise,  you may use the following forms I improvised for strategic planning (slightly revised to adopt for personal use).

Please note that the assumption of this article is your (personal) values-mission-vision is in place and  your strategic plan is anchored to that


ASKSonnie’s REFLECTION FORM 1: If you set a goal last year.

ASKSonnie’s REFLECTION FORM 2: If no goals were set last year

After assessment, the next step is to carry over unfinished goals from last year (if there is any), and calibrate the strategies and action plan. If this is your first time to do this, then skip above and just write down your goals. The form below should help.




If you have gone thru the process, it’ll give you a clear overview of the causes and effects of your past years’ victories and defeats. From there, you can plan for corrective actions and/or set new goals and strategies for the new year.

You must understand though, that a best assessment and plan can be worthless if a person doesn’t have the required discipline to carry out the plans consistently.


Happy new year everyone!




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