When Values Integration Fail

An end-to-end value integration program equips a company to culturally, structurally, and administratively prevent behavioral misconduct

HR competencies circa 2021

With a pandemic ravaged economy, HR competencies need an overhaul too. This to address the changing landscape of the business environment.

HR 1.0 Mentoring Program: HR Operations

#HRMentoring or the HR 1.0 (HR Operations) program is a 7 Saturday modular program that seeks to improve HR services in the ground level. This, to help keep employee engagement and promote social good.

The ‘I Am HR’ Conference

The ‘I am HR Conference’ is the culmination of year long learning gigs, spearheaded by the HR advocates of the #HRMentoring group.

When A Supervisor Is Not

A supervisor is not when s/he spend more than 20% of his/her time to tasks not related to management functions.

How To Develop Social Media Policy

Because of the different issues associated with social computing, these are enough reasons  why companies should develop social web policy. When crafting a social media policy, HR should first clarify with top management about it’s online philosophy- if the...

Pursue Your Passion

If you will pursue your passion, the likelihood that you are fulfilling your calling or purpose in life is high. You will not only get people’s attention, you will also find inspiration.

Why Organizations Need To Define Online Philosophy

About a week ago, I gave a talk to delegates of the 4th HR Philippines National Convention about HR’s Role in the Social Media era. I shared with them a framework or template that they can follow to make their company culture and structure social web ready. I...

Visualize, and Make It Happen

What started as a concept has become a reality! While facilitating module 2 [protect your brand: use social web responsibly] of my social web series, an idea was born. I thought why not tweak my lecture to educate parents on how to keep their kids safe online. Since...