On November 18, I gave a talk aboutĀ Developing Employees as Business PartnerĀ before small entrepreneurs. This was sponsored by Center for Small EntrepreneursĀ during the 21st Kapihang Entrepinoy. Part of my presentation is about “common problem employees”**, and I classified these into five, namely:

  1. The “shoe does not fit” type
  2. “Pery the Platypus” type
  3. The “Rambo” type
  4. The “Big Mouth Whiner” type and
  5. lThe “Lucy” type
** similar concept of problem employees was also introduced by Gwen Moran

You can watch the video clip below explaining the different type of problem employees:


Alternately, you can view the powerpoint slides at theĀ Developing Employees as Business PartnerĀ post.



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