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When you pursue your passion, the likelihood that you will live your calling and purpose in life is high.


When you live your purpose, you will get people’s attention, you will find inspiration and you will not feel the need for Work-life balance– a consequence not because of too much work, but because people pursued a career not related to their passion, so they try to look for time for themselves just to do what they want.


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I witness how some people waste time and resources 1st by pursuing a course that is dictated or influenced by someone else, then getting a job for the sake of getting one. And this serves as recipe of work dissatisfaction. I hope graduates will not fall on similar mistake

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When I started working, my dream is to be a Manager by the age of 28. I became a Senior Manager at the age of 29 and an Asst VP  for Human Resources when I was 38. At 40, decided to pursue something that I am passionate about, close to my calling, and tried to be my own man. My decision did not sit well to most of my friends because they thought I am stupid to start all over again in mid way of my life.

I just jokingly said, 40 is the new 20.

But kidding aside, money can give you convenience and  some level of comfort, but not satisfaction. Having carved a name in the corporate world will certainly earn you extra bucks. But that will not necessarily give you happiness.

Satisfaction is a result when you are at peace with yourself. And you will only be at peace when 1] you are aware of your purpose and 2] you are moving forward to fulfill it.

There are a lot of seemingly successful people in human standards that aren’t happy.  They chose convenience over satisfaction and as a result, they want  their kids to fulfil the passion that they should have pursued. Not fair, I think.

I don’t want to look and regret not making a step of faith and miss the opportunity. Better fail for making a wrong decision than have a lingering question of “what if” and miss the opportunity to live your life & purpose.

There are real and present danger, when you  decided to pursue your purpose in life, there are challenges, and it will make you think that convenience is good and status quo is better. Pursuing your purpose  entails hard work and perseverance.

Life don’t look so good when you think of the convenience and luxury that you will  leave behind. But you must remain steadfast. Soon you will not only succeed but find the elusive satisfaction and peace. The energy that inspires, encourages and motivates will never run dry.

Watch this slide cast I made on 2010. The principle still holds true today, and I do not regret making that step of faith.




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