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Politics and wokeness aside, the ‘alleged’ disrespectful treatment of Eat Bulaga co-founders Tito, Vic and Joey from new leaders just mirrors how some boomers are also being treated in other organizations.


Eat Bulaga co-founders Tito, Vic and Joey

screen grab from youtube

Eat Bulaga is a noontime show that I grew up with. It debuted on July 30, 1979 at RPN 9. It was created as a rival to the popular Student Canteen, which aired on GMA 7. Within two years, it became the top-rated show in its timeslot and has remained on air for 44 years. It has become a part of the Philippine TV history and the Filipino culture..
But just recently, the show was rocked by controversy when the new millennial leaders wanted to implement changes that led to the mass resignation of the co-founders Tito, Vic and Joey and the some of the dabarkads, who were co-hosts, writers, camera men and production staff, from TAPE Inc, the show’s producer.
Change is inevitable, and innovation is essential to keep up with the times. However, the nation was outraged by the alleged rude treatment of the new leaders towards the boomer co-founders, who are also known as TVJ.
If the allegation is true, such an attitude is reflective of how some boomers are also being mistreated in the corporate corridors.
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I have heard from senior leaders who are nearing retirement that they have faced similar treatment from the younger ones who think they know better.
The succession from the old to the new leadership can be done in a dignified way. The old guards have fought and conquer territories for the present generation and have proven their value. They deserve some appreciation and respect.
The older leaders are aware that they will have to hand over the reins to the younger ones sooner or later, a dignified way out will help them move from the frontlines to the sidelines, and eventually retire.
Organizations that care about their people have a program to facilitate the transition of leadership, managed by professionals who are sensitive to the needs of the seniors who are leaving.

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