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Here’s another serving of value adding quotes from Pinoy entrepreneurs. This time, on the topic of ‘passion

“An entrepreneur must follow his gut feel only after he has carefully weighed the pros and cons of any situation. If you do what you believe in, you can never go wrong. And know what you can and cannot do, because it is in knowing your limits that you can determine the kinds of risks you can take. Doing business is never easy. When starting, try to be hands-on in everything. The real test of an entrepreneur is how far he can go when tides of business turn for the worse. It is in times like these when he should be unafraid. Be aggressive. Know your market’s needs and serve them.”   

BEN CHAN, The Bench Brands
“Work should not feel like work. Your business must be a source of joy and an expression of your passion. And not everything is about profit. When you make good things happen, the profit will follow naturally.” 

PACITA JUAN, Figaro Foundation Company
“Know your priorities in life and use your passion to create long-lasting value” 

MARVEY MARIŇO, Gotoking Franchisee

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